We Are Your Team


Wildcard Crew is a Tokyo based video production team,
servicing many companies and agencies to bring their vision to life.

Wildcard creates compelling video content for both the local market,
and foreign companies determined to make a splash in Japan.

We are flexible enough to work per project, per campaign,
or to partner with you long-term, embracing your brand and your mission.

Video Production

We are your video production team! We take relationships seriously, and care for your brand as our own.

Draw on the experience, passion and teamwork of our talented staff to deliver content beyond your expectation.

Drone Capture

Capture anything from the air in 4k resolution for your project. We will also organize your permit for restricted areas.


Our international team will leverage local connections and insights to assist with research, casting, location scouting, crew, equipment and the logistics to make it all happen.



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